Sealers, Jointing Sands, Edge Restraints, and Adhesive are just a few you can choose from for any installation.

SRW Products: When you are building a retaining wall, it is recommended that you use GeoGrid to help with stabilization.

Detailed instructions on its use can be found by clicking here. We also carry Adhesive in 10-oz and 28-oz tubes for use when building retaining walls. There are fabrics that can be useful in weed control, and sub-surface drainage applications such as French drains, trench drains, and blanket drains.

Global Sealer Technologies

We carry a variety of GSW products to help finish your paving and retaining wall projects. Choices include Water Based Sealer’s, as well as Lacquer Based Sealer’s. We are also carrying the GST No-Slip additive for the Lacquer Based Sealers.

Select Satin Seal

Select Lock ‘N Seal

Select Low Sheen Wet Look Lacquer

Select GST No-Slip

We also have two cleaners from Global Sealer Technologies, that will remove anything from rust to paint, and those chalky white areas, called efflorescence, from your pavers.

Select Clean Concrete

Select Pro-Grade Cleaner

Please note: At this time these are the only sealers and cleaners we are stocking from GST. If you are interested in another one of the GST products, please call to inquire about our ordering it for you!

Polymeric Jointing Sand by TechniSeal

Polymeric jointing sand is an amazing product to fill your joints in between pavers and stones. It sets with water, and creates a barrier to prevent weed growth and insect infestation, while allowing for drainage and flexibility. We carry the HP NextGel.


PLEASE NOTE: At this time we are only stocking Polymeric Jointing Sand in a gray color. We are not stocking any other colors.