We have a basic line of tools and equipment to improve the efficiency of your paver, stone, or wall project. You can rent by the day, weekend, week, or month:

Hand Tamper
Use this hand tool to compact the gravel base of small areas or paths.
$10 $20 $45
Use this gas-powered tool to compact the gravel base of larger areas.
$60 $90 $290
Paver Remover
Use this tool to help remove specific pavers from a previously installed project.
$10 $20 $45
Slab Grabber
Use this tool to help in the removal of large slabs already installed.
$10 $20 $45
Paver Splitter
Use this guillotine-style tool to roughly split pavers.
$20 $30 $75
Splitter Pounder
Use this hand-tool to aid in the splitting of blocks that come paired, such as the Pisa II and Roman Pisa.
$25 $40 $90
Hydraulic Splitter
Use this to split large pavers.
$75 $120 $350
Keystone Handler
Use these prongs to work easier with Keystone Classic Series wall blocks.
$5 $10 $25

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Equipment and Tool Purchases:

We sell top quality tools from leading equipment manufacturers for setting, compaction, cutting, and removal of paver and wall units.

A splitter pounder is the perfect tool for spliting retaining wall blocks apart or for any other task to large for a paver splitter. This easy to operate tool saves time makes splitting a pallet of blocks a breeze!

The hand tamper is used to compact the base layer of paving projects and is the perfect tool for small to medium sized projects.

The plate compactor is used to compact base material as well as facilitate settling the pavers into the base layer and allowing jointing sand to settle into paver gaps. This high powered machine makes short work of even the largest project.

Paver Splitter
Paver Remover
May Call
Slab Grabber

*all pricing subject to tax