Abbotsford Garden WallScapes is a mortarless, lightweight retaining wall system that is easy to use and allows you to create walls up to 2.5 feet tall in straight lines or curves, stairs, and raised flowerbeds.

Shapes and Sizes:


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Please note: The Garden Wallscapes system has two color blends, but only solid colors for wall caps.

Abbotsford PisaLite is a multi-piece system that allows you to create walls in varying patterns, straight lines, or curves. They are light weight and easy to use. You can create walls and stairs with this system that will make your yard or garden the talk of the neighborhood.

Shapes and Sizes:

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Please Note: The PisaLite retaining wall system has a one-inch set back as it builds upwards. Also, Pisa Lite wall blocks come in both solid and blended colors, while the wall caps come only in solid colors.

Abbotsford Pisa OneStone is a large format wall block that while only having one size of block, it has three different faces, making it easy to build a wall that appear to be made up of varied sized pieces.

Shapes and Sizes:

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Please Note: Like the PisaLite wall system, Pisa OneStone has both solid and blended colors for the wall block. It utilizes the same wall cap that comes in solid colors.

For more information on Abbotsford Segmental Retaining Walls, click here.

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