Q: How do I decide what to do for my space?
A: Start by noting dreams, goals, and ideas for your special space. Think about how you want to use the space and Then share your thoughts with us. We’re easy to work with, and will help customers at all levels of experience and budget.

Q: What about cost?
A: We offer prices competitive with the major home hardware chains-but with a vastly superior selection. Plus, the guiding hand of Pavingstone staff is a real confidence-builder for the first-time DIYer. Our staff can walk you through cost differences and provide estimates so you know what to expect going into your project.

Q: What can a DIYer do?
A: Most people who care and are willing to put in the work, can easily beautify their surroundings with some guidance using pavingstones and related products. We offer DIY access to splitters, setters, bagged products, sealers, edge restraints, and guides – the real deal! Visit our D-I-Y page.

Q: How heavy are these materials? Should I arrange for delivery or pick up the materials myself?
A: That all depends on your project and how you plan to execute it. Your materials could range from just a few blocks to something requiring several pallets in a delivery. A handful of blocks you might carry in your own vehicle, but a pallet-sized load will likely require delivery via a Pavingstone truck; most loads will fall in that range. Talk that over with our staff as you plan your project; it is helpful to know the weight capacity of your vehicle when you place an order. Please note that most material can be picked up in batches if you are unable to take it all at once.

Q: Do you deliver material?
A: Yes, Pavingstone Supply will bring the materials to your home or job site. (Cost is dependent upon location). Visit our delivery service page.

Q: How far do you deliver the material?
A: Pavingstone Supply is located in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle, WA, and we will deliver products throughout Washington (Again, cost is dependent upon your location relative to Pavingstone Supply and from the manufacturer).

Q: How soon can I get a delivery?
A: Delivery depends on the availability of the material as well as our delivery schedule. Please note that during the busy season, we are typically booked out by a week and a half, and do not offer same day delivery.

Q: Do weeds grow between the pavers? And if so, how can I prevent it?
A: Weeds can germinate between pavers from wind-blown seeds lodged in the joints. They don’t grow from the bedding sand, base or soil. Weeds can be removed by hand or with herbicides. Take care in using herbicides so that adjacent vegetation is not damaged and use biodegradable products whenever possible. Polymeric Sand is a practical solution for weed control when you install pavers – just ask our staff about this “magic sand”. Visit our Accessories page for details on Polymeric Sand.

Q: When do I need to use geotextile (filter) fabrics ?
A: Filter fabrics are needed if the soil is soft. It is used where soil remains saturated with water, have a high content of silts or clays, or to separate layers of aggregate. Fabrics can delay the rutting caused by heavy loads. Weed control fabrics are used under decorative pebbles and rock areas to help prevent weed growth. Geogrid is used in walls for strength. Visit our Accessories page for details on Geogrid and Filter Fabrics.

Q: Lead time–How soon can I get my material?
A: Pavingstone Supply can usually get you your paver, wall block, or stone within 3 – 10 days for regular stock material. For special orders you can expect 1-2 weeks depending on the location and inventory from the vendor. Some special order items have longer lead times, so please call ahead to get a better estimate on timing.

Q: Does Pavingstone Supply rent equipment?
A: Yes, we rent compactors, splitters, tampers, setting & removal tools. We do not rent out saws for cutting pavers. Call for rates. Rental Agreement

Q: Does Pavingstone Supply offer installation or a paver cutting service?
A: Pavingstone Supply is a material supplier, and does not offer any contracting services. However, we do offer contractor referrals for outstanding installers in the greater Western Washington area. Likewise, we do not have an on-site paver cutting service, but we do offer tool rentals for splitting smaller concrete pavers. Contractor Referrals

Q: Should I use natural stone or concrete pavers?
The decision on whether to use natural stone or concrete pavers for your project ultimately depends on what appearance and usage you had in mind for your project. Both options are durable and versatile in use, and can withstand the conditions of the Pacific Northwest.

Q: Are the lower priced pavers inferior to the more expensive ones?
A: No, all pavers go through the same process. The prices vary on location of the manufacturer, tumbling, texture, and special color orders – to name a few factors.

Q: How strong are the pavers?
Concrete pavers have over two times the strength of concrete that’s been poured in place. On average, pavers have a strength of 8,000 PSI (pounds per square inch), or more.

Q: When do I need to install Geogrid and how do I do it?
A: Typically Geogrids are used on walls higher than 4 feet. We can assist you with the information you need for installation. Retaining Walls

Q: What days are you open and what are your hours?
A: Click here for location and hours of operation.

Q: What about sealing and cleaning?
A: Your Pavingstone staff person can outline the installation requirements and options for each type of material you decide on, including sealing and cleaning. Again, what you do will depend on your distinctive project and unique situation. Visit our Accessories page for details on sealers and cleaners.

Q: What is efflorescence?
A: It appears as a whitish haze or film on the concrete product (usually pavers), and appears after installation or over time. The product is not defective; efflorescence is a natural chemical reaction that can occur in all concrete material. The condition will usually correct itself with time and exposure to the elements. There are cleaners available to remove efflorescence, we currently carry GST products. Global Sealer Technologies.

Q: Can I really have it all?
A: Yes! Pavingstone makes it possible for your home or business to achieve a pleasing, well-designed installation of lasting materials that’s budget-friendly, meets your goals, and can by done by you or your contractor. No matter how big or how small, Pavingstone Supply has it all!