Pavingstone Supply is now a distributor for TWO new manufacturers with fantastic products!



#1  CASToHN:

Pacific Northwest made! CASToHN is a wet-cast concrete manufacturer, which allows them to create beautiful products that look like natural stone. Their large format Olympic pavers are un-beat in size range and appearance; if you’re looking for a natural stone appearance without the hassle of fitting boulders together, their wall materials are engineered to be install-friendly and still mimic the rugged appearance that’s so fitting for our region.

CASToHN Pavers


Newstone Manhattan in Natural Grey Newstone Village Series in Winter Sky

#2  Newstone Group:

Newstone Group brings years of industry experience into a new company that’s giving quality updates to classic looks. Their pavers are perfect for both residential and commercial projects, and can be used for a range of installations from driveways to poolside decks. Their pavers come in a range of contemporary colors, including feathered blends that are sure to make your project pop.

Newstone Pavers