Edging is used to line the areas of your patio or walkway projects. It helps maintain the shape of your projects over time and can separate gravel areas from the rest of your yard.

Plastic Edging

B.E.A.S.T edging is available in rigid or flexible strips of 8′ lengths. They are plastic and can easily be cut to size. BEAST uses steel spikes, which are sold separately, to hold into the ground. We also carry Nova Flex, which is a thinner plastic that’s perfect for curved areas and available in lengths of 7.5′.

Spikes are available in 10″ steel lengths.

For technical data on the Nova Flex product, please click here. Information on B.E.A.S.T. edging can be found here.

Aluminum Edging
Sure-Loc is our manufacturer for the best aluminum edge restraints, which come in a variety of colors, lengths, and thicknesses.


Aluminum Paver Restraints are another option for edging your patios and walkways. They come in lengths of 8′ x 4″, and use the same type of spikes as plastic edging, also sold separately. We stock the “A18RPR – Reversible Aluminum Paver Edging” Please click here for more information.

Anodized Aluminum Edging  is used for garden or gravel edges. They come in strips of 8′ or 16′ length and are 4″ in height. We stock this product in milled (non-anodized) or black color. Each strip comes with a set amount of spikes, but additional spikes and adapters (for connecting cut pieces) can be purchased. Other colors, thicknesses, and heights are available, but would be considered special order. Please have the total linear feet needed when requesting a quote. Click here for more information.

Steel Edging is also available in 4″ high strips 20′ long. It will weather over turn to create a nice look. This is not a prefabricated product, simply cold-rolled steel. Sure-loc adapter and spikes (sold separately) can be used to secure the edging.

Steel Edging