Charcoal pavers with “efflorescence” – a white, non-damaging stain that’s the natural byproduct of a chemical reaction in concrete pavers.

Filling in a gap or have a small project you don’t want to break the bank on? We’ve got a variety of concrete blocks and pavers that we’re selling at a BARGAIN in our boneyard! Come take a look and make us an offer!

Our boneyard contains material that might be discontinued, chipped, cracked, or stained…waiting to be transformed into a beautiful home project by YOU!

We’re offering full pallets for anywhere between $25-100, with pavers as low as $3 per square foot. We can load up vehicles with our forklift (a refundable pallet deposit would apply) or delivery in the greater Seattle area for a $120-200 flat rate.

Check out our bargain pavers here:

Check out the bargain retaining wall blocks here: