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By submitting a Work Request, either online or to a representative of Pavingstone Supply, Inc., I understand and acknowledge that the Pavingstone Supply, Inc. Contractor Referral Program is a referral service, and that my information will be distributed only to contractors enrolled in the Referral Program, who are to be considered by me to accomplish the job described in the Work Request. Pavingstone Supply, Inc. does not guarantee that they will be able to match my service needs with a contractor or that there are contractors in my area that either are capable or willing to complete my service needs. Furthermore, any arrangements made, or contracts negotiated, are strictly between me and the contractor. I understand that the contractors referred to me are independent of Pavingstone Supply, Inc. Pavingstone Supply, Inc. has not made any representation to me as to the work to be performed or the nature or quality of the work anticipated to be accomplished. I agree to satisfy myself that the contractor meets the standards of work I require. Should I have a dispute with a contractor, I will address such dispute with the contractor directly, and I hereby hold Pavingstone Supply, Inc. harmless from any defect in workmanship, default, damage, injury or expense arising out of the work performed by a contractor referred by them and hired by me.
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Information for Contractors

We provide all of the information for you to complete your project. Pavingstone Supply can supply you with materials for any size job.

  • We supply everything you need to complete almost any project.
  • Our delivery service provides the materials directly to your job site.
  • On large jobs, we deliver, or drop direct from the factory: up to 28 pallets at a time.
  • We carry a large selection of pavers and retaining wall products from different manufacturers to fit every style and taste.
  • We have over 2,000 sq. feet of sample panels to help you & your clients with design decisions.
  • We can put you in touch with qualified installers.


Here are some of the materials and possibilities you’ll find at Pavingstone Supply:
Architectural slabs
Bagged products: washed rock, gravel, sand
Brick pavers
Building stone
Bulk sand & gravel
Capstones & coping
Cleaning agents
Concrete pavers
Concrete retaining walls
Fabrics & geogrids
Manuals & guidelines
Pedestals systems for slabs
Sealed pebbles
Permeable pavers
Rental equipment: Tampers,
splitters, removal & setting tools
Beach rock
Sealers & adhesives
Shot blast-sand blast options
Step materials
Stone/rockery walls
Weed prevention products